Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Wanderlust?

I have trekked in The Himalayas during 1984-99. But I had not made any write-ups on these treks. Some of my well-wishers had suggested about a year back that I should write down my experiences of these treks in a blog so that those with trekking interest can benefit from it. I was still not convinced about the relevance of my one or two decades old trekking experiences in the current scenarios until a couple of my friends and my daughter Vandana suggested that I should share my trekking experiences so that the present generation of trekkers can visualise the differences in trekking experiences. I was also encouraged by my friend K Srinivasan, with whom I had recently completed the Roopkund trek, to write down my trekking experiences. So, to begin with, I am here to share some of my past trekking experiences based on my diary notes and the inter-action with Jambukeswaran and Krishnamurthy who were my trekking mates in the 90s along with Deshpande.

I have always been a travel buff. I had occasions to travel abroad. When I retired from the active service in August 2006, I had made-up my mind that I would travel extensively in India as long as I am physically fit to travel. It is my intention to make at least four travel trips in a year - one trek in Himalaya, one family trip to hill stations/ historical monuments and two short trips to some off-beat places. I intend to share all these experiences also.


KS said...

Best Wishes Sadanand with your Blog! ... hope to read all your treks here one by one!! ... KS

Sadanand Kamath said...

Thanks KS.

chief said...

I have read majority of your travelogues. You write well. Looking forward to reading writeups of other treks too.
-Samudravijaya K

Sadanand Kamath said...


I will certainly devote time to complete the blogs of my remaining trek/trip after June '09 when I finally retire.

Tejal said...

I really am looking forward to your write up on jaipur..I really like the details that you put, it makes it easier to plan it out myself..
I am looking to visit jaipur myself sometime this year and can't plan it..
Looking forward for some advise!