Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall Colours in parks around Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - October 2009

Myself and my wife have come to Cincinnati to be with my daughter and son-in-law. The day we reached here, it was sunny and the autumn was full of the most striking and vibrant fall colours all through Cincinnati. It appeared that the nature has bestowed on us the spectacular show of fall colours on our visit. My son-in-law says that this year, autumn has experienced some rains with gusty winds which resulted in some tree leaves falling well before the start of fall colours. Hence there has been some disruptions in the cycle of fall colours. Usually in September every year, on the onset of autumn, the green tree leaves start changing colour to yellow followed by orange, red and finally dark brown before they fall. This process mostly ends by mid-November every year. The cycle of colour change mostly depends upon the weather condition. The ideal weather conditions for a spectacular fall colours are mild sun during the day and cool evenings and nights just above freezing point. Here are some of the pictures I had taken during our visit to a couple of parks around Cincinnati in during last week of October/first week of November 2009.

Reflections of fall colours in Winton Lake, Cincinnati

Walkway in Winton Woods, Cincinnati

The only red colour tree in Dew Drop Circle, Forest Park

In Cincinnati Zoo

Boating point at Sharon Lake, Sharon Woods

Fall colours on the shore of Sharon lake

A mix of yellow and orange colours in one of the trees in Sharon Woods

Sharon Lake inside Sharon Woods

On the Sharon lake trail

We at the shore of Sharon Lake

A wide angle view of Sharon Lake

A side view of the Sharon Lake

Another wide angle view of Sharon Lake

The other side of Sharon Lake with Boat House on the right

Fall colours around Sharon Lake in a cloudy day

Sharaon Lake through fall colour trees

A stroll on the Sharon Lake trail

Dense tree covers on the Sharon Lake trail

A mid-zoom shot of the Sharon Lake from the Boat House

On the Gorge trail, Sharon Woods

Waterfalls on the way to Gorge trail

Gorge trail

Gorge trail slope

Another waterfall towards the end of Gorge trail

It is all yellow on Gorge trail slope

A meadow at the end of Gorge trail

A resting point below a fall colour tree

A mix of red, orange and green fall colours at the entrance of the Sharon Woods

Kids' Zone with fall colours in the background, Sharon Woods

Another bunch of fall colour trees outside the entrance, Sharon Woods

Fall colours contrast with green carpet just outside the entrance of Sharon Woods

Photos by the author

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King Julian said...

Very nice photos :) Reminded me of the times I had spent in Sharon Woods Park!