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Sanjay Gandhi National Park - Bhoot Bangla & Yewoor Hill Trails : August 2013

Sanjay Gandhi National Park(SGNP) is located in north-east part of Mumbai and its boundary extends to the adjoining Thane district. Bhoot Bangla ( in fact it was a forest rest house during British time which is now  in a depleted condition. Hence the name Bhoot Bangla) is located in Mumbai part of SGNP and it is approached from Borivali (East) main gate of SGNP. 

Yewoor Hill is located in Thane district part of SGNP and it is approached from Tikuji-ni-wadi gate off Godbundar road. The idea of Yewoor Hill trails came up during our Indiamike Meets up trail to Bhoot Bangla on August 15th. This has been the regular morning walk trail of KS for many years and probably he wished to showcase his trail path especially in monsoon when greenery, the wildflowers and interplay of monsoon cloud, mists and sun lend a special aura to the place.

I guess, due to very short notice to other Indiamikers based in Mumbai, besides KS, only Amar and me could make it. Amar and I reached Tikuji-ni-wadi gate of SGNP in Thane by 6.30 am and after few minutes, KS joined us to start the trail walk by 6.45 a.m. as scheduled. Incidentally, Khilaph Singh, son of Debu, our Kumaon trek guide who was in Thane, also joined the trail.

Now over to the pictures with captions to tell the story of the trails.

1. Bhoot Bangla Trail

At the car parking of Borivali main gate side of SGNP

Our group with forest officials at the gate of Forest Log Hut
Deers in SGNP were bewildered by our presence.

View of Tulsi Lake from the forest road side

The group walking on a dirt road towards Bhoot Bangla.

Tree fungus on the way.

And a white crab trying to hide behind dried leaves.

A wild turmeric flower which were in abundance on the way.

Some intense discussions on the way.

Some preferred to cross the stream by walking through it. Others took a circuitous route to avoid their shoes getting wet.

Crepe ginger flowers which were also in abundance on the way

A small meadow on the way. It is a favourite of deers.

Since it is a restricted area, two forest officials accompanied us through out.

At last Bhoot Bangla became visible.

Bhoot Bangla is in a very depleted condition and vandalised. This bungalow  was said to have been constructed for the British engineers for the supervision of the construction of a dam on Tulsi Lake for supply of drinking water to then Bombay City.

This seems to be bath tub made of stone inside Bhoot Bangla.

A snail has made a wall of Bhoot Bangla his home.

View of Tulsi Lake from Bhoot Bangla.

A vintage view from the Bhoot Bangla premises of Tulsi Lake ( foreground) and Vihar Lake (next after the gap). At the far end, high rise buildings of Powai are partly visible. Powai Lake (not visible) is located between the twin hills and the high rise buildings.

Group photo with a backdrop of Bhoot Bangla.

Return to check post point after completion of Bhoot Bangla trail.

On our return walk, we visited Tulsi Lake overflow point.

On return, we drop at the forest Log Hut for a tea break.

2. Yewoor Hill Trails

Waiting at the gate for KS to join us for the trail.
First, the level walk.
The big pond seen from the trail. The source of water in the pond is the waterfalls from various streams flowing into it from the adjoining hills. At the far end of the pond is the viewing gallery which is the starting point of the trail. The trail skirts on the true right side of the pond (i.e., left of the picture) and takes a turn (foreground of the picture).

Our destination is the ridge in the background partly covered in mist.

At few places, we had to wade through the tall grass.

Wild flower on the trail.

Reached at the plateau which was a mid point to our trail.

Me walking through the plateau.

The most common wild flowers through out the trail.

A tribal hut in the midst of paddy fields (backside) and pulses field ( in the foreground). This hut looked more like a guarding place than the dwelling place.

Wildflower on the table top. Appears to be more close to smithia but without its trade mark of 'donald duck's eyes'.

Mist covered view on the table top.

Two morning walkers returning from the ridge as mist approached towards us.

Walking through the mist.

Ascending to one more table top plateau.

Again walking through the mist

A farmer's shed on the way.

On the top of the ridge, our destination.

Other morning walkers in front of a tribal hut. It appears that there was a convention among the regular morning walkers to sponsor tea and snacks for all morning walkers on Sundays.

One of the regular morning walkers is preparing tea in 'back-packing trek style - on the firewood.

Wada-Pav, jilebis and dhoklas for snacks.

After the tea and snack, return walk starts.

A crocodile after coming out of the pond for sun bath.

We spent some time at the butterfly garden inside SGNP.

End of the trail with socked 'T' shirts.

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